Ready For Sale

Today Mind Vault goes on sale! I have been working on Mind Vault for the past 9 months and I’m very excited for people to try it out and let me know what they think. The idea came when I wanted to start memorizing things to help improve my recall. I have small children, a busy wife, a full time job, church responsibilities and more. So things tend to slip my mind. This situation is not unique and I think almost everyone has a similar range of things tugging at their attention. Memorizing things can be a good way to focus the mind and improve your ability to retain important things. So I set out to create Mind Vault, using a memorizing technique I had been taught previously to memorize written passages.

The road was long. In addition to learning to program, which I had never done before, I needed to design it, use it and refine it. The results are now up on the App Store, available for purchase. I hope that Mind Vault can help you memorize whatever you want to retain. Here are some ideas of things you could memorize:

Words are powerful things, so fill your head with good ones. Give Mind Vault a try today and keep checking back for updates. There are new features coming that I know you’ll enjoy. Stay tuned.