Mind Vault Crashing on iPad

Several Mind Vault users on the iPad have submitted crash reports recently. I have been able to isolate the primary cause for the bug and am working on a small update to fix the issue. It should be ready to submit to the App Store within a couple days. If the issue has been effecting you, I thank you for your patience.

Getting back into the iPad version of Mind Vault has given me some ideas for improvements, beyond bug fixes, so I’m hoping to do a bit more here to give the iPad version a special experience.

Mind Vault: 2.0.2

A small Mind Vault release, 2.0.2, is now available in the App Store , adding support for the larger screen sizes of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. With this milestone passed I am planning on moving on to new features. Stay tuned.

Updated Website

You may have noticed the new look around here. Now that there are two Manual Apps products in the App Store, the site needed an update. Take a look around.

How Many Characters?

How Many Characters? is a simple app for counting characters in any string of text. I made it to fill a need I had to count characters in online forms. It will recognize if you have something copied on your clipboard and prompt you to count its characters. For such a simple app it is surprisingly versatile. You can even use it as a distraction free client for posting to Twitter, using the share button, à la Wren . Check it out in the  App Store .

Mind Vault 2.0

Mind Vault 2.0 is now available in the App Store . The two biggest changes are an updated design and options for sharing what you are memorizing on social media. There are some other refinements and adjustments included in this release. Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon.

Get to Know Mind Vault Video

I threw together this video to walk new users through Mind Vault. I demonstrate how to add a new passage and then show them around the app.


Mind Vault 1.8 is now available in the App Store and includes localizations for non-US English and Spanish. Check it out .


You may have noticed a new look around here. The Mind Vault website has been updated with a refreshed simple design and responsive layout. Hope you like it.


Mind Vault 1.7 is available in the App Store . This update comes with a new feature that I think you’re going to love. Now you can tap any hidden word to quickly remind yourself of it.

This is a feature that has been planned for almost as long as the app has been for sale. In fact, the previous update, in addition to improving performance, helped lay the groundwork for this one. When I started to receive requests for the feature specifically I knew I was on the right track. It is wonderful to know when you have the same ideas as your customers. Check out version 1.7 on the App Store and leave a review while you’re there.


Mind Vault 1.6 is available on App Store . Version 1.6 brings a better performing passage view. In previous versions if you were trying to memorize passages that were long enough to require scrolling the passage would reset to the top as you used the slider. This is no longer the case. The slider’s performance has also been improved and should work more fluidly on slower devices. Pick up the new version on the App Store and leave a review while you’re there.