Back to School

Mind Vault is in the Manual Apps Back to School Sale. Mind Vault was made with students in mind so I think it is appropriate to give them a leg up on any memorization they might do as they start the school year. So if you’re starting classes give Mind Vault a shot, or if you know a student who might benefit you can gift it to them (it’s easy to do right from iTunes). The sale is for $1 and lasts until September 15th. Go pick it up and get memorizing!

The great object of Education should be commensurate with the object of life. It should be a moral one; to teach self-trust; to inspire the youthful man with an interest in himself; with a curiosity touching his own nature; to acquaint him with the resources of his mind, and to teach him that there is all his strength, and to inflame him with a piety towards the Grand Mind in which he lives.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, essay 'Emerson on education'.