I am happy to let you know that Mind Vault 1.1 is now available on the App Store . The update is a small, but significant, one. First off, the parsing for one word lines has been fixed (it was a tokenization problem if you codeheads are interested). If you have any items with one word lines simply open them in the edit screen and save to make them work correctly. In addition, I have added an app info screen with capabilities to contact me via email and Twitter. You can reach it by tapping on the Mind Vault logo. I have also added a fun vault animation when you tap the vault button in order to give you more visual feedback.

I hope you like the new features. There are more on the way. If you think Mind Vault could be helpful for you, pick it up on the App Store . If you already have Mind Vault and enjoy it, please be a peach and leave a review